Hey There,

My name is Pablo Alejandro Castellanos, I’m a self taught Product Designer bsed in San Juan, Puerto Rico really passionate and maybe a little obsesed with all things design (email me if you wan’t to know my opinion on the idustry  and hear about my challenges beign self thaught). So if I said “I love design” it’s a pretty big undersatement, but I don’t design with looks as my priority (I can understand how people have the miscoception about designing beign about making things pretty). I always go with a functional and simplistic mindset to every project I’m a part of, and looks basically follow after.

If you were wondering where I come from, I basically started my career as a Graphic Designer in 2014 and have been slowly building my skills in both Visual and UI/Ux design. I’ve worked with companies as Merodea, Colmena66, BrainHi and many others, but you can read more about my experiance in my Resume.

I’m in love with a good roadtrip (basic, I know), but driving (I love cars, so I guess this is a big part of the experience)  places I’ve never been to and hang out with my friends (Galileo, my dog, included) is really the best.