BrainHi Branding

I’ve been watching BrainHi’s every move for months before ever having contact with the team, so the first time I had the opportunuty to talk with the leadership team I feel in love with the concept. As I learned more of the startup and their vision I started to work in the brand as a way to show my interest and potential to work with them. BrainHi is a youthful tech startup providing services to small to medium businesses with a high volume of missed calls. BrainHi rescues the missed calls and starts an interaction via SMS with the help of AI and turns them into revenue, appointments or orders.


For BrainHi a custom san-serif typeface was the obvious choice since it is a young company with a young team. The type has a few unorthodox shapes in the "r", "a", and "n", representing the out the ordinary culture and way of doing business. We wanted to look young, simple (as the product is), modern, elegant and edgy, but never out of place.


The principal color is Modern Blue, a strong, serious and dominant color, complemented with the vibrant Neo Green to balance the scale and show the vanguard views of the team. Also the primary customers of BrainHi at the point of the brand revamp were healthcare businesses, so the green also referenced the relationship the healthcare industry. To further add to the green presence Vanguard Black is also a dark green, and all variants of gray have a blue tint to reference the Modern Blue as the main color for the brand.

Modern Blue
Neo Green
Vanguard Black
Post Gray
Simple White


We have a library of over 60 icons, all custom to fit the brand.

Visual Assets