Colmena66 name can be separated to "colmena" which translates to bee hive, making reference to the collective, and "66" is the longitude of the island ,making reference to the location. So C66 is basically Puerto Rico's entrepreneurial community. The hexagon icon have two main reasons to be, one being the the shape of honey combs and our parent organization Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust logo is a hexagon.

The preferred color for the logo will always be the badge yellow and the text either white or black depending on the background. The only time the badge will be used in black is where the yellow might be confused of clash with the background. The 'C' will always be white, never negative space or any other color, not even yellow, for that reason the previously accepted white badge is no longer accepted.


Colmena66 has 3 main colors resembling the colors of a bee; yellow, black and white. These three colors will be the only ones allowed to be used on the logo, secondary colors and gradient will be used in collateral design, UI and other aesthetics elements. The list of other colors allowed to be used in collateral are provided on the next page, note collateral colors will only be used if using the main and secondary colors warp the message or image as intended.


Visual Assets